Celebrate Christmas with a UK grown tree
We’re independent growers based in Warrington Cheshire. We’re passionate about growing the highest qualities of Christmas trees for you and your family.
We own our own little plantation, to serve the people of Caithness, Aberdeenshire, Perthshire, and Stirlingshire.
Choose from our wide selection of quality, UK-grown Christmas trees, shipped directly to your door this festive season.
The UK's best Christmas trees
You can count on us for providing nothing but the best. We grow all of our trees and each and every one receives enough attention so they’ll be happy and ready for the holiday season.
Our expert growers are expertly trained in the skills needed to produce the finest quality UK-grown Christmas trees every year.
UK grown means fresher trees
Choose to have your tree delivered this year and it'll be with you within days of being cut down - not weeks or months. You'll have a fresher tree for longer, too! Freshness is one of the most important criteria for us. We’re always striving to provide high-quality trees for the holiday season. Our trees are only cut when they have at least two days of frost as this is going to allow them to hibernate, afterwards, they’ll settle for four days and they’ll be ready for netting.
A Truly British Christmas
Our trees are grown in the UK and we offer a range of different species to suit your needs.
Pine Trees for a Truly British Christmas Providing Christmas trees to the UK for *Number* Years!
Nordmann Fir Trees
The Nordmann Fir is our most popular tree, and it’s one of the most popular trees sold in the UK. The needles on this tree are soft, shining, and the retention rate for the needles is excellent.
Lodgepole Pine
Our second most popular tree would be the Lodgepole pine. This one has a nice aromatic smell to it, leaving your home with a fresh pine scent. If you’re looking for a tree with an incredible mess-free needle-retention rate, then this is the perfect one for you.
Noble Fir
Noble Fir is the king of all Christmas trees. Unlike traditional pine trees, this tree contains leaves and they’re very needle-like. Since this breed doesn’t contain needles, you don’t have to worry about any messes.
Fraser Fir
If you’re looking for a big tree with a longer scent then the Fraser fir just may be the one for you. Throughout the years the Fraser Fir has been growing in popularity in the UK. If your home has a tight space but you’re still wanting a beauty tree then the slim-Fraser is an excellent choice.
Feel free to take a look at our gallery about our trees, wreaths, and more.
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If you’re looking to have a holly jolly Christmas then Cheshire Christmas trees can help you out. Whether you have any questions about the type of tree that would best suit your needs or if you have any questions about tree care we can help you!
Simply fill out our contact form or email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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